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FlippyDrive 0.3.0 – BETA

Available at:

After performing the update, the bootloader will fail to boot the main application Simply reboot the cube and the new version should take effect. If you still experience boot issues like a black screen, rerun the update a second time by holding X and selecting “Update/Reinstall Firmware”.

This breaking change is because we have fundamentally altered the communication between the cube and FlippyDrive to better accommodate Swiss and other homebrew, and the previous version of the bootloader does not understand the new communication format.

Updates include:

  • Beta Swiss support (DO NOT report FlippyDrive issues on the main Swiss repo. We are still developing our patch set. Report issues here:
  • Swiss builds and is distributed with this update (accessible via the X bootloader menu, transparent swiss handoff via cubeboot in development for upcoming v0.3.1)
  • Finished adding Ethernet support for future add-on
  • Added menu for bootloader, allowing selection of any in-flash DOL, consent to updates, bypass mode

Technical Updates include:

  • Added full file descriptor support for many simultaneously open files
  • Improved Cube facing status messages for all operations to allow soft failure under most conditions
  • Updated cubeboot to RC38
  • Added file creation support, full directory and sub-directory traversal API support
  • Fixed hang on zero length update file
  • Fixed incorrect status message when a write fills the storage media
  • Changed API definitions to avoid accidental misalignment of members for DMA
  • Enforced minimum API transfer sizes for DMA purposes
  • Added storage medium info command
  • Added FlippyDrive reset commands to support In-Game-Reset
  • Fixed a status message DMA/Cache race in the FlippyDrive Cube API