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FlippyDrive 1.0.0 – BETA

Available at:

If you are still running 0.2.x: read this

Updates include:

  • WiFi and Ethernet loading are now available. (WiFi is extremely network/range sensitive and is highly experimental)
  • Disc backup tool using integrated drive with storage to SD or network preinstalled
  • Enhanced bypass mode by holding R on boot with region-free and cubeboot video modes
  • Desktop and Server network application are provided with releases
  • Bootloader shows network connection status when network set as default
  • Homebrew can Reset back to cubeboot or FlippyDrive Menu
  • Fix for DOL icon corruption in cubeboot
  • Bumped cubeboot to beta

Technical Updates include:

  • Added disc command snooping/logic analyzer when in bypass mode
  • Exit from bypass mode now possible
  • Async/background connection handling to allow faster network boot times for compliant DOLs
  • Improvements for factory programming
  • Enable file writes over network, necessary for Swiss patch writing/config
  • Improved DOL stubloader for async network aware homebrew
  • Swiss port updated to build Eth patches (BBA/EXI Ethernet module, etc.)
  • Network status now available to homebrew
  • IPC_READ command for homebrew
  • Improved bootloader error messages related to network connection failures
  • Additional configuration ini options related to network, see docs